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  • Ingredients: Leccino pitted olives.


  • Production: December - January

  • Olive Variety:  Leccino 100%

  • Working Process: Deamarization with dry salt only, through natural processes, without the use of soda or brine.

  • Treatments:  pasteurized at 82 ° c

  • Color:  Black, with brown reflections

  • Perfume: Specific of ripe olives


  • Taste Taste:  Of ripe sweet Leccino olives


  • Chemical analysis:  Ph <5.2


  • Consistency:  Pitted olives


  • Packaging:  Glass vase  160 gr, boxes of 12 jars


  • Shelf life:  18 months

Olive leccino su tavolo legno
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  "Leccino" Olive Patè

  Productive process

The Leccino variety olives are harvested very ripe and healthy.

The softening of the pulp, to remove the substance responsible for the unpleasant bitter taste (protein-Oleoeuropein) from the fruit, takes place through  natural practices of our tradition,  with only the addition of dry sea salt.

A lot of care is needed so that the salt dries and softens them over time, returning a unique product, with superior organoleptic characteristics, in full respect of quality. We emphasize all this by marketing them dry, without stones and oil or preservation liquids, because tasting them the sensation is that of fresh, ripe olives, with a unique and typical flavor of the Leccino variety, without bad aftertaste of lactic fermentation, which instead are felt on the palate in the most of those on the market, because they are processed in brine or with the addition of soda. It does not contain preservatives, dyes and correctors.


appetizers with cheeses, vegetables in oil or cold cuts, lettuce and tomato salads, enrich tomato and tuna sauces, season pasta, accompany meat dishes, such as chicken with olives, or fish such as tuna or cuttlefish, bread filling.

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