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Earth, Olives, Oil


Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the fruit of the passion for our land, behind it there is always the character of a territory.

The existence of olive groves in Sabina is already testified in the seventh century. BC, the Etruscans transferred the first plants to Lazio. The Rosati Agricultural Company was founded in 1936, on the initiative of Eugenio Rosati who bought several lands owned by the Abbey of Farfa, including the Colle dei Frati .

Eugenio immediately strengthened the olive-growing activity, recovering the existing olive groves and planting new ones, adding further varieties of olive trees. Eugenio passed on this passion to his two sons, Ermanno and Francesco .


Ermanno Rosati takes care of all the cultivation and production aspects to obtain the best results.

Francesco Rosati deals with the marketing and marketing of the finished product.

The company combines traditional olive-growing knowledge with innovation and professional competence, gained over the years. Today it represents one of the most qualified realities in the province of Rieti and Lazio, in the production of EVO oil.


The production comes from about 8,000 olive trees of the words Colle dei Frati and Fonte Luna , located in the hills of Fara in Sabina Rieti, in Lazio, where the particular climate, the altitude above sea level, the mineral characteristics of the soil and the absence of pollutants, create the ideal conditions for the cultivation of olives. The choice of olive varieties (40% Carboncello, 40% Frantoio, 20% Leccino) is historic. The cultural treatments ranging from natural fertilization, to fruit monitoring through guided struggle, for the prevention of the oil fly are very important. Particular attention is paid to manually pruning with specialized personnel. Harvesting by hand and by machine directly from the tree (not recovering drupes on the ground), only when the olives begin to ripen, guarantee an oil richer in polyphenols, natural antioxidants.



We use only the latest extraction technology, the squeezing takes place within 24H of collection in a continuous system at a low temperature of 23 ° C, ensuring maximum hygiene.

The oil is conserved by storing it in stainless steel tanks under nitrogen.

The packaging in the company is carried out by bottling the product only upon receipt of orders.

A part of the Extra Virgin Olive Oil of our company is certified as DOP SABINA , and is guaranteed by the Sabina DOP Consortium recognized by the Ministry of Agricultural, Food and Forestry Policies with DM of 23 October 2009 n. 16106. Since 1985 we have been exporting to Japan with an accurate dissemination of product knowledge, through tasting courses and guided tours of the company, reserved for Italian cuisine restaurateurs in Tokyo.

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